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The content of this Blog has been produced by the students that attend Bright Lives Social Enterprise.

Asdan Garden Project 2019

This year we are already springing into spring with our new plans for our garden project at bright lives for 2019. As part of our independent living group on a Thursday afternoon we focus on how to keep a home clean and tidy this includes the outside of the house the garden.

This project is beneficial to us as we begin to understand how to keep and maintain a household and garden, because a tidy and clean home and garden is imperative to health and wellbeing. in a crowded house as well the garden can be a retreat to relax and appreciate the beauty of the nature surrounding us. Following last years successful and popular garden project where as a group we enjoyed planting our own seeds which turned into flowers and plants adding colour to the bare flowerbeds and uprooting the unsightly weeds, we really reaped the rewards of our new found skills and hobbies. we helped make the community garden a relaxing place for all to enjoy we even planted our own vegetables and fruit.

This year we plan to continue this work and more in depth learning about horticulture and generally uplifting community spirit.

Springing back into action 2019 here at Bright Lives

o with the holidays over and the new year underway we have begun to learn many new things as part of our asdan sessions. With the help and guidance of our tutor Laurie we have already been busy producing some important work collectively, as a group this year we are "shining a light" on the topic of forming friendships and learning how to look after ourselves first and foremost.

We have been tackling the importance of maintaining confidence and how to combat low self esteem, with new members of the group this year we are also emphasizing the vital skills to be able to help ourselves and how to better understand and help others who may find things a little bit harder Our aim for this year is to learn how different people can communicate and contribute to learning in their own way. we are working with the ethos to "be kind and do good" we have learned so far that it is important to keep ourselves healthy and happy both physically and mentally to give ourselves the best foundation with which to progress towards achieving our goals.

Another really successful session the group as always surprised me with the level of great understanding of these vital skills needed to communicate and make decision's in life, truly inspirational group of learners.

End of year 2018 Asdan Blog

Over the past year 2018, we have completed another different set of lessons as part of our Asdan qualifications. This year we have learned about eating healthy, evaluating our own diets and lifestyle some of us made changes to healthy alternatives to some meals, that we may like so that we can still enjoy them but not over indulge.

We have been out on two very good trips this year learning about both transport, safety and community spirit. The first was the Chappell railway museum here we learned how transport has evolved over the years. The different types of engines and their usage i.e some freight trains still carry animals and people and machinery. Trains have come through a power source switch from coal to electricity.

We also visited the RNLI museum in Clacton from this we learned about how the lifeboat crew work, helping to save lives in danger at sea or answering pager calls to assist others. They also help people to help themselves in the water by use of event days and float to live campaign work. We have produced a poster on the dangers of online dating, as part of our Asdan relationship course. This is because we feel as young people starting to learn about ourselves and what we want and need we need to know about different relationships how they function and the difference and signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships to ensure that we are safe and happy.

Another project we helped with during this year was the Garden project, we worked as a group and tidied the garden, de weeding old plants and planting new plants including our own herb, fruit and veg to make the garden a pleasant area for the community.

So overall as a group we all learned a lot this year, how to make positive changes to ensure we maintain healthy bodies and general health and wellbeing. We have also learned about Teamwork, forming good relationships and supporting each other, this helps us to identify healthy relationships recognise different types of positive relationships and maintain these. Which is the vital key because even as a team if one person thinks they cannot achieve something then how can others help? From this we have learned the answer to that is by working, collaborating setting differences aside in order to understand each other to make it easier , to work effectively as a team bringing different skills together to make a big and positive difference.

RNLI Visit 22nd November 2018

As part of our Asdan course and ongoing independent living sessions we all visited the RNLI lifeboat station in Clacton and had a guided tour which was very interesting, we also learnt during the presentation what also the RNLI does for the community around our coastline.

We also enjoyed watching a few videos on what RNLI does in the community and at sea during there rescues, we also found out how much a suit that RNLI team members wear the cost was astonishing and the purpose of all the kit, for example we learnt that first a thermal base layer is put on to reduce the risks of hypothermia, followed by an all in one dry suit which is made from waterproof gortex and rubber seals and complete with boots and a helmet kit is vital to keeping crew members safe and healthy because without it they would also become casualties themselves.

We then had a look at all the different lifeboats and learned what situation they are best suited to example the most common lifeboat used is the D Class or B Class 85 inshore lifeboat, as these are smaller general all weather and can reach places others cannot, for major situations ie mayday call outs or threat to life, the Teymarch all weather self righting lifeboat is used or they might call in the coastguard helicopter for assistance.

We also learnt the lifeboat community is one big family, as people often volunteer their time after working hours to respond to a pager callout, which could mean missing out on down time or family in order to save another life.

Anyone could volunteer their time helping even if they don't have experience, as it is all learning and upmost teamwork, special thanks to Dennis for his fantastic informative briefing a great organisation and we all truly loved it...

Thank you once again

Asdan Germs and Infections

As part of Asdan, we as a group thought it vitally important to stress the importance of washing our hands and keeping clean and tidy, to reduce and prevent the spread of illness caused by germs.

During the Asdan sessions we learned about different kinds of microorganisms and particles of bacteria and fungi, that make up germs.

Some germs i.e bacteria can be treated with medication as with fungal infections, such as athletes foot or thrush. However many viruses can lay dormant in the body building over time to where they release toxins, pathogens and bacteria, that the body may not be able to fight off causing illness, disease or death.

Therefore we would like to share what we have learned with the use of our displays put up in the centre and recorded on our Asdan blog, because germs and infections effect all of us. We aim to maintain good standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

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